Our Story is Your Story

This Business was Launched by Female Entrepreneur Clemence Maniken in 2019, Clemy Lux is a fast growing Beauty Brand. After She got her degree in International Business Administration in 2018, Clemy as her friends call her decided to start her own Beauty Business to fulfill her dream of making other women feel good and confident without breaking their bank.


Innovation & Inspiration


2013 is when Clemence decided to stop using harmful chemicals in her hair and go Natural.

since then she has tried various protective hairstyles which made her fall in love with virgin human hair. This arouse the need for hair care products for these virgin hair extensions as well as quality hair products for her natural hair. This inspired ClemyLux to expand the range of products to include Hair Wax sticks, Wig stands, Wig caps, and others which have proven to be really helpful to the People.

“After i decide to go ‘Natural’ in 2013, i desperately searched for hair products which won’t damage my hair. I needed methods and products to keep my hair moisturized and also protected from the dry German winter weather. I did Boxbraids often but they are so time consuming and heavy, so i used turbans but missed seeing my hair. I did weave sewins and i liked them but my only trouble was that i love to have a makeup-free face and a weave-free head when i sleep :). So i started using wigs because they are quick and easy to install. And i can take them off in the evening to leave my natural hair to breath.

Fast forward to today, I have been using wigs and they have been the best protective solution for my hair. My 4C hair stays moisturized under my wigs and keeps growing.

After many people asked me what I do for my thick 4C natural hair to grow and how i care for it, I wanted to share all my tips and also provide them with solutions by providing hair extensions and wigs for them to use as protective hairstyles, and also provide hair product to nourish and improve their natural hair underneath their protective hairstyles.

My elder Brother was my first and only investor. I used up my savings and the money he gave me and went to make my dreams come true”


The future


“As a brand, we strive to keep innovating and to provide you a one-stop beauty place, where you would get the full spectrum of all Beauty items you need i.e  Hair & Beauty products, tools all you need to make you look flawless and many more.

Knowing the struggle for us women and men out here in Europe, ClemyLux wants to keep providing high quality products for women, Men and Kids at the best possible prices. My greatest joy in this journey is to see how happy my clients are after receiving their order. Many of you send me messages that just melt my heart. I appreciate you a lot Thank you”

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